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Reviews for "Asshole 2"


At first i was thinking 'oh great, another twelve year old made a flash about murdering teachers', then '3 decent people hmmm, what did they do to him?!'
Fucking hilarious. The rap music from office space really was a nice touch.

Very well done,try to make the watcher more active

Fairly well done, good job on graphics and very exciting, i really liked the music a very good choice!


LOL! The girl scared the shit outta me!

Very Good, well done

Very good. Cool unique animation, interactivity, and nice use of Exorcist music and sound. Also multiple original endings. The guy with the shotgun; what an Asshole!

well worth a look.

I likes the style of animation, although as some have pointed out, it lacks a little polish.

Gave a 5 for sound, coz I have none, so I don't know what it was like.

10 for interactivity, coz it WAS interactive, if only a small amount NG writers take note! we like to click stuff!