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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


I liked it and yea you gotta tell me where you got that video clip man i use to love watching it when i was a kid


I remember that show! I never realized how corny it was till now. Great quiz.

Sweet homes

Hi me again, like I said in Mario quiz 1 expect a review in 2. Okay that was a great improvement it made me laughed the bonus video and it brang me back to my childhood. Thank you for that and this time I beat it in 2 minutes the first time, what can I say peace of cake. Oh and are you that guy on question three? And are you the maker of one of the mario games?


I didn't notice that many changes from the first version. But the changes you did make made the whole thing worth it.

cooly60, he never said it did, he said it didn't.
great game. faved.