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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


i remember that show it was teh shizzle they had link cartoons tooo on that show!!!!!!

keep it up

i grew up on mario. so i loved it. i remember that show from way back, i wish they still played it, o well. nice job


great game like you said on your earlier posts I beat the whole thing and I also saw the intro to the mario cartoon wich only lasted thirteen eps!? well great game and great score(i gave you a five and a ten

cartoons should not be made from video games

examples: the super mario ros super show, the legend of zelda show, sonic x, sonic underground, AoSTH, and SatAM. i still loved the quiz, didn't miss a single question, by the way, the lee question shouldn't be in extreme, it should be in hard.

The Best Game Ever! Good Job!