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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


Alright, first of all.
How do you make the quiz so people can't Right-click + Forward or Play? My quiz is terrible, but Im still new to this... and well, people just Right-Click + Play and skip to the end, howd you prevent that!? PLEASE!

Anyways: To the game:
I dont like how the EXTREME Mode, you have to go back to the hard mode whenever you get the questions wrong, not like anyone cares how to spell the creator of marios name, or how many hidden blocks there are in castles 1-4. That's not hard, that's just trial and error.
Though I managed to beat all of Easy and Hard without failing, Extreme mode was irritating.
It's decent I guess, I gave it a 4/5.

CrawlAway responds:

go to a frame in the quiz and put this for the frame actions:

Stage.showMenu = false;

also, extreme wouldnt be hard if you didnt have to go back

Well, uh...

It's a quiz...about Mario, of all things!

You misspelled 'Congratulations,' and I stopped playing as soon as I missed the first 'extreme' question and it bumped me back to the first 'hard' question.

It's interesting, though.

CrawlAway responds:

you missed the bonus ending!!


im a mario nerd! lollolol i finished the whole game without messing up XD GJ D00D


the only reason i didn't give it a ten was because it was so frustrating getting a question wrong then having to go back and answer all the questions all over again. But other than that it was fun. Great job!

CrawlAway responds:

it would be too easy if it didnt do that