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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"

that was hard

i beat it and the ending video was messed up and the song was repitive after a while


I love the ending bounus video. I watched that show all the time.


i remember that show it was teh shizzle they had link cartoons tooo on that show!!!!!!

Very nice!

Well, I got through ok, Hard, I messed up a couple times, but, in extreme, I got them all right, I guess I'm just lucky, or maybe- it's something more.. Dun dun dun...


I refuse to not be called the King of Mario (tm)

For I am!!!

That Was Awesome!

That was awesome! That movie at the end was hilarious! I remember seeing that before but it wasnt as funny at the time. The only thing that left me kinda confused was #2 on Easy, it says Mario's last name is Mario. Does that mean he has no last name, or is his name "Mario Mario," if so where did you find that out.
Anyway, its was awesome, you should do a sonic one.

CrawlAway responds:

his actual last name is mario