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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"

For the cheaters

Easy: 2,3,1,3,1,3.
Hard: 1,2,3,1,1,3,2.
Extreme: 2,2,1,2,3.

I love it

Great job, and a big improvement over part 1! Overall it was a little easy, but the ending took me by surprise. I think you can still watch those old cartoons on the internet...somewhere. Anyway, great flash and do make more.


Well, some of those questions were VERY easy, and some were just way too obscure that people whould just have to guess, but whatever. They were good, and man, I love your little prize at the end. That video. God I haven't seen that in so long. I had forgotten how stupid it was.

I'm gonna try and stop laughing.

CrawlAway responds:

those hard ones people actually know believe it or not, i guess you could call them hardcore mario gamers

that was great....

dude..... that movie was keeewl.... no but it really rocked... ive seen shit like that elsewhere... but i dont know why.... hmmm.... anyway great job, i cant believe i got through Extreme Mode.... haha


the quiz was tough and good, but ti was the bonus that was worth it. That was such an old show. It also brought memories back from the movie, which was pretty wierd, with the koopas being from dinosaurs and everything, and turning goombas back into the wierd creature saying toads were from goombas. That was a bad movie, great game, thanks for bringing back old memories with your fun quiz!

CrawlAway responds:

yah, that was a really wierd movie, it scares me. yoshi was wierd, and the goombas downright the wierdest looking things. thx for the review!