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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


Didnt like how to get to extreme mode you had to go all the way through hard again.

CrawlAway responds:


great game.......

man i gotta know, where did you get that video clip from. i used to have that on tape when i wus like 6 but i lost it :( if u know where i could find it that would be great. Oh by the way the game was very well done and had some very challenegin questions.


memories of when i was a kid.....the good old days.....great job man

That Sucked

Everyone will slam this review. That's fine. I'm still better than you. ;D

For one thing, the music doesn't loop properly. This isn't just easy to fix if you know what you're doing, but it's too irritating to leave in if you don't know how.

The graphics are alright for a quiz. I didn't grade you down for that, but christ... You couldn't make it interesting? Have Mario Bounce? Smile? Wink? This looks like the fucking PowerPoint presentations I have to click through at work.

Finally, the most damning thing of all, is the script itself. If I get one wrong I have to start over. This is lame. I have to click back through all the quesitons I got right before I get to where I was. Why not just give me let me go to the next question, and then say 'you didn't win' at the end or something? You probably don't know how.

As for the reward, Well, it's funny. but all you did was stick it in there...

Sidenote: Poor Captain Lou. How do you go from banging Cyndi Lauper to playing Mario? It's fucking tragic.

CrawlAway responds:

your gay, thats what you are. your better than me? wheres your flash....

great job

i think this is really good. the guy before me is an idiot for spoiling the game. good job homer, some of your best work.