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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"

Good Game

Good Quiz but I think Extremek EXTREME should have a checkpoint.

One was wrong.

Bowser's kids did first appear in Super Mario World. You fought them in the castles.

cartoons should not be made from video games

examples: the super mario ros super show, the legend of zelda show, sonic x, sonic underground, AoSTH, and SatAM. i still loved the quiz, didn't miss a single question, by the way, the lee question shouldn't be in extreme, it should be in hard.

still awesome.

i don't care if you repeated the same questions,it's still the best! The video is cool! I have the whole first season of this show!Keep up the good work!

I preferred the first one.

I was pretty unimpressed that you had the same questions as the first edition of the game. It just makes the Mario quiz concept seem so unoriginal. Adding two or three new questions doesn't mean the flash deserves it's own file. Granted, the bonus ending was really entertaining, but that seemed like it was the only thing that made this form of the quiz different from the last.

The programming and everything was top notch, and the pictures were enjoyable too. Was the Lee character from Paper Mario? I thought I had recognized him from before. Anyway, it was a decent quiz that was toppled with an unoriginal concept. Anyway, congratulations on the award you won. Keep up the nice work.