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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


Why Is The Bonus SMB Super Show?? xD Anyway Good game!

my results!

you beat extreme mode! you really know your mario games! so heres a treat for beating the game! BONUS

i know alot about mario

and this isnt very important but i beat easy without missing a anwser


same thing exept for the smrpg lee and the shinga mayominto questions it was annoying having to do the same questions exepet for the 3. i thought that this was going to be greater then the other one earlyer ago with the 1st. you could of added new ones. i know that you(barrley)tried to make it better and the video at the ending is stupid i can not belive that they actully made that video seryisley. But at least try to make a better one next time.

Good Game

Good Quiz but I think Extremek EXTREME should have a checkpoint.