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Reviews for "Fuaraya"


You succeeded man... I love any quality song like this... I wish I could show you some of the new tracks I am making for a label, Ill hit you up with the links on pm because I cant let them float around here, but you have serious skill... You should really try to get in touch with some minor trance labels on the web... this is awesome, great job... love the melody too so peaceful and relaxing. gj man. keep it up

It's great, but...

...why are the last 45 seconds completely blank? I don't get it.

Those 45 seconds aside, this is absolutely amazing. It sounds peaceful and musical at the same time; most of the trance I run into is only one or the other. I really love the pad you used, simply because it sounds so much like wind, and with the bells it's quite a combination.

Pulstate responds:

The 45 blank secs are for djs mixing it.



you know what just amazing,
now in portuguese ahahahah

fdx meu esta musica está memo perfeita muito bom trabalho

keep it up


The production quality on this is unsurpassed on the site, and perhaps I'm biased because I like your work so much, but I found this really great. I felt that it was a bit flat for the first three minutes-- not boring, but I was waiting on a plateau, not a buildup. Possibly because of the placement of the lull at 2:17. The first half was very gentle and very beautiful, but a little sleepy.

But I LOVE the style. Meh, we need more of this out there. Pitch it to Anjuna? :P


Loving the sound here! Quite amazing song! Really good i love the melodies and the ambient peaceful sound here. Stunning!