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Reviews for "Fuaraya"


This is one hell of a trance song. This is the kind of trance that I truly love and strive to try to make. I don't know how you make it so simple and so empty and dark that yet it seems full and complicated. You are THE Trance god.


Pulstate responds:

I appreciate that mate.

* Laughs * at the trance god comment.


I've been listening to you for so long and I have most of your songs on my iPod. I've attempted to make trance as airy and free as this one, and it never works, you're awesome Pulstate!

Sorry the label didn't accept it, we'll gladly take the leftovers. (:

5/5, fave.

You're just too awesome man!

Pulstate responds:

Thanks alot Sialys.

It wasn't really that they didn't accept it, it was just that I have better stuff in the pipeline ready to explode out!

Domination .

wow such a calm yet deadly tone and melodies. This song is a hot stuff



This is a very good song. Shit, it's as good or better as most songs on ASOT or Above and Beyond's podcast, fucking get a deal and deliver this beautiful piece of music to the clubs around the world for all to enjoy. Seriously.

The drums are thumping, the sound is pristine, the mix is perfect, it is CD ready. I don't know if you had it mastered, or if you did yourself, but this is awesome.


This piece is very amazing, yet calm and awesome all at the same time. I don't know why Infrasonic decided not to take this work. I really enjoyed this piece, you did a great job at mastering and using the instruments, samples and vsts (whatever you used). I really like your style ;D

Keep up the great work.


Your Fellow Newgrounder,