Reviews for "Swimming Comic"

Hey, Xander,

I get the joke - from scrawny to buff and pouting when teased.

It's funny. Sometimes I think there are those on Newgrounds who have a one-joke-track mind.

The art looks great. Your shading and lighting is spot on. You also do a nice job with facial expressions. They're exaggerated, but not overly so - plus, they depict the character feelings perfectly.

Once more, fantastic job. Glad I jumped over from your flash submission to check them out.

I was going to give you 4.5 because the style of clouds in the second and third panel seem to distract - they're more realistic than the rest - behind the characters, but then I figure that's just my personal taste.


FrostDrive responds:

Your right, the clouds ARE distracting. When I was making this though I was still relatively new to Paint Sai so in every panel I was experimenting different ways to do the clouds.
Actually NOW though, I know a much better way to do it. (:
Thank you for the review! I really apreciate it. (:

this is gold by my standards, i like how no matter what you do or look like people are gonna give you shit
(i actually lol'd and showed it to my bro)

Make more/ good job

FrostDrive responds:

Haha, as long as you laughed and found it funny then it's a sucess. :D
Thanks for the review. C:

I think that Martin guy needs to grow the fuck up.
This is a pretty good picture though I love the colors. I need some one who can color like this.
I mean I can draw but coloring is terrible.
All in all though this is an amazing drawing.

FrostDrive responds:

Looking back, I notice a lot of color errors (with the color scheme etc.)
If I redid this now it would be a lot better.
Thanks for the review! C:

this is bullying, poor boy


noo, far from terrible, art is fantastic, but try to make it a bit musculer if he had his shirt on :S cause otherwise, it wouldnt make sence.

@martin, kids are horrible, yes they make fun of his nipples, i would to xD
but have a beer with 'em later ^^

FrostDrive responds:

The fact that it doesn't make sense is why it's funny. and the fact that he just sits there and pouts when they make fun of him instead of beating them up like an actual buff guy would just adds to it.