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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Game Quiz"

I beat it.

I beat extream mode in 30 sec.

i liked it preety cool but needs harder levels

I Beat The Quiz!


Not a problem for a real mario fan- whatever.

I really liked the questions and the pictures to them and I must say that I answered 3 or 4 questions wrong. Is there another one to come?

I beat the quiz

if you wanna get to this quickly then here are the answers

Easy Mode:

1st Q: 4
2nd Q: mario
3rd Q: mario
4th Q: Donkey kong
5th Q: Jumpman
6th Q: Paratroopas

Hard mode:

1st Q: 5000
2nd Q: 15
3rd Q: 8
4th Q: super mario bros.3
5th Q: Buzzy Beetle
6th Q: 20
7th Q: 2000

Extreme Mode

1st Q: 4-3
2nd Q: 6

if u wanted the answers given to you then your lucky IM doing it you lazy people anyway it was a nice simple relaxed game

I beat the quiz.