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Reviews for "Peachy"


This has got to be one of the few pictures you made that doesn't scare the crap out of me. ;)

well damn...

thought it was gonna turn out to be some vegetable/fruit gore bit flesh rending soul crushed face fuck war jamboree; you sure as hell surprised even me.
nice use of cool colors and pastel like blending; it's the first picture from you to have made me baffled; mostly because to me you're a very sporadic hardcore metal artist making pirates, robots, biker gang themed posters and some other adult stuff...yet out pops this little piece of cute?
i know it's a paid commission but i'm still a bit stunned...


This is by The Shadman I can't believe my eyes it's so horrifyingly grotesque!


has the great shadman gone soft? lets hope not.


What is this nonsense!?!?! Where's the bloody rape art? This isn't the Shad I know! I want the old Shad back!!! >:L