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Reviews for "Peachy"


SHADDY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!! why have you gone soft...i dont love you anymore...cmon link lets cure you of your sex addiction by killing gannondildo


awwwwww i wanna step on it


you are one of my favorite artists on newgrounds. make MOAR!!!!

this is the most f'd up thing ive seen you make!!!

its disgusting, a peach with a smile, its almost the godless, horrible, thing i have ever seen you make. GOD, I THINK IM GONNA PUKE !!!


i hate that you have to tone down your artwork because of those ads.......i hope you will soon return to your sick and twisted artwork, because i fell i love with the brutalness of your artwork. even with it all toned down, you will still be my favorite artist and my inspiration to keep drawing.....

stay twisted,
Daxter Mazuki