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Reviews for "Rihm & Maurice 4"


erk...yeah. i loved the first part of this. i luaghed. alot. the 2nd half had nice style and the mckie d's thing was funny. you shoulda given satan a pig pimple that it kept zooming in on. other than that this was really funny. and im gonna check ou tthe other ep.s.

Well, brutal, but not as good as 1 & 3.

That was grizzly! But only mildly amusing. Well, I'm happy for all the people who enjoyed it more than I did. Or not?

major ouch

thats gotta hurt getting your lip ripped off...dude where do you get these ideas? ren & stimpy wasnt THAT violent...where did u get ur ideas?


I can't believe that I even watchet it......... It's not even worth to be rated.

sorry humer srill there but........

uve totally stolen the exact tune from a ren an stimpy cartoon which INCLUDED the same sound efect......MAKE UP URE OWN!!!!!

JamesJ responds:

Firstly, just because it was used in Ren & Stimpy, doesn't mean they used it first. Countless 50s cartoons used the music and sounds that were used in that show, and I use the same 50s music and sound effects to retain a classic cartoon feeling.

And what the fuck is "humer"!?