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Reviews for "Samurai Jackirb"


I miss that show too. Nice work on sounding like Aku in the beginning. Amazing that you make all or most of the sounds in the background as well as the music with your own voice. I also liked the rap after the intro. Great work. Keep it up.


This is pretty good and funny. I like it alot it would be could to hear something like this again. lol nice job


oh the nostalgia...

I love it!

Well, here you go with a song entirely different than what you have made before! I guess you could say I was a fan of "Samurai Jack" albiet it's not one of my best remembered cartoons. You really put a lot of effort into this, as you put your voice in a really nice way. I hadn't heard of Mako until the Nostalgia Critic apologized for making fun of him. May he rest in peace all the same as you have certainly made a wonderful tribute to him! It's nice to not just make a great song, but have a lot of emotion behind it.

I need a doctor my brains are EVERYWHERE

nuff said