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Reviews for "_-={The Darkest Hour}=-_"



please please please

even though most of my adoration for you comes from you purely classical projects SCREW IT this is damn good and keep making these trans-siberian orchestraesque pieces, i want this to keep me going on long drives and during stressful times because you again have the uncanny ability to capture the raw emotion and intensity of nearly any kind of event, be it peaceful or otherwise, and you can whip up something that can play those emotions back, and that blows minds and wreaks all hell upon listeners in the best way imagineable, and its getting better. keep up the work and i will forever follow your progress.

Not rock

This is metal. Im a metal head, making my ears bleed is a good thing so im sissapointed that the five star rating isnt "made my ears bleed" 5/5 10/10


I clicked on the link to this and I was expecting something quiet, maybe peaceful for a song called The Darkest Hour, but when it started I was taken aback and I said out loud alone in my room, "WOW!"

Really cool but...

Yup a really cool song but i'm another one of those crazy people that thinks that kinda guitar is way too loud. Don't get the wrong idea I just think it cuts out most of the other instruments. But this is just my personal opinion.