Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"

Decent Movie 3rd one looks better

good film , nice touch with the outtakes , black mages 3 gettin worked on seen a bit of it today looks way better and diffrent scenes too

matt-likes-swords responds:

hey i know you, thanks

hmm seem familar for some reason

Nice movie realy funny i like how everything get a damage amount but it seems to be off of 8 bit theader < (yes i know it's spelled wrong)

daaaaaamn that was good

but u need to stick with the sprites because thos things in this one took up too much space

lol another great movie lol

lol screw the sprites this was better n funnier lol *pulls up a huge sword*this is kind of heavy


i liked the way u used the fighter doken!

had me laughing all the way thru!!!