Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"

great movie

funny make more number there or mabye a feature lenght film any ways off to try and make somthing as good as that

matt-likes-swords responds:



That was a weird animation technique, but that film was cool and funny.

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yay thanks

It was good

Better than the first, had no point, and was all just stupidity and clumsyness, which is exactly why i like it. Keep up the clumsyness

Much better.

As for the animation and music it was much better then the last one but story wise it's going nowhere,i guess i'll check out part 3 now.


That was pretty damn funny with all of the blood n stuffs.... keep up the good work.... and for all of you assholes who watch Final Fantasy stuff and harass it saying you hate Final Fantasy, you have no fucking lives! I'm SUGAR HIGH!