Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


i really liked the cameo of Cloud's bigass sword from FFVII. BLACK MAGES PWNZ JOO!

matt-likes-swords responds:

yeh that bit just had to be in it

Hah... oh, Fighter...

Call me a geek. No, seriously, call me a geek. I found this was a great flash. Truly encapturing a Final Fantasy-esque nature. Keep up the good flash, my friend.

awsomeness to the xtreame

your are my god praise you


Even funnier without the sprites! Itz no guess that the warrior was the weakest link, although he's got impressive vitality, HE JUST WONT DIE!!!!!!!!!!


Better than original Black Mages 2. This forever proves how much more awesome a FF fight is than any other kind.