Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


This is one of the most crappy things that I have seen in my life..........
and believe me, that is a lot!!

matt-likes-swords responds:

thank you

piece of shit

know what's the differance between this and 8-bit theatre? 8-bit is good while this is a piece of crap rip-off!!! You even stole fighter's love of swords and black mage's trademark line "urge to kill rising".
you make me sick.

what the f``k?

I cant beleave they made this a "favorite series" when they didnt put 8-bit theater... this sucks... i wont even waste my energy to review the other movies, so now you know what kind of movies you shouldnt make... (ps. you stole some of the jokes from movies on newgrounds... and put them... on newgrounds?)


As it says above. I don't understand the hatred you people have against black mages. They aren't all evil. In fact, there isn't any solid proof that suggests that a black mage is evil. They've been heros! Helping all the other classes save the world. And just HOW much HP do those other guys have anyway?!?!?! A simply shove causing 68 damage! It's unheard of!!! One more thing before I take my fury out on a pillow: "meatshield"?!?! 8-bit Theartre could totally go copyrighting all up your butt!!!!! Okay, I'm done...