Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


It's a violent puppet show.Raining mages,a fighter,and a thief.Contiously hurt eachother,either by accident or on purpose.You,my fine sir,have managed to capture my intrest.You will always have my bat............Bat?....Boat!...Wait no,dammit!VOTE!
Vote is what I meant to say,I have my really special moments..........

Fighter will never die!

Fighter will never die for hism stupidity will keep him alive forever. But still why is fighter nearly inviceble. Anyway great movie! better than the non se edition. I will find out how fighter is invicble!

Awsomeness vidio



Sword Rulez All!!!!!!!!!

This movie is SWEET !

Wow ! This movie have a lot of comedy that makes me laugh out loud ! You should be a comedian !