Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"

Matt rules

Matt rules and this one is great and 4 is even greater and i cant wait for it to be finished....Yes I know the guy. I even didi voices for foghter but then they got scrapped cos ma scottish acebt suckd lol!


It sucked.
Hey look! he fell on the ground and then he got damage points! Let's laugh!

hmm seem familar for some reason

Nice movie realy funny i like how everything get a damage amount but it seems to be off of 8 bit theader < (yes i know it's spelled wrong)

Decent Movie 3rd one looks better

good film , nice touch with the outtakes , black mages 3 gettin worked on seen a bit of it today looks way better and diffrent scenes too

matt-likes-swords responds:

hey i know you, thanks


i really liked the cameo of Cloud's bigass sword from FFVII. BLACK MAGES PWNZ JOO!

matt-likes-swords responds:

yeh that bit just had to be in it