Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


when fight got hit by the knife it said 2004 whice was the year it was made. when is number 5 gonna come out? and are you gonna make a remake of attack of the black mages 3

It was good

Better than the first, had no point, and was all just stupidity and clumsyness, which is exactly why i like it. Keep up the clumsyness

SE was better.

it was better than the regular 2. there was definitely some stuff taken from nuklearpower though. great stuff.


why are pretty much all of dese exactly the same?? oh well,still hilarioius either way i laughed my head off at some bits ,btw wat was with the mage at the end sayin why wasnt i in it about eh???


I count 72,214 hp lost by fighter alone thats not over his max at all... haha. I liked it anyways, keep it up.