Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"

This was better than the original!

Everything was better in this version. But still, man, give props where props are due! This is 8-bit Theater....without the 8-bit part.

Hah... oh, Fighter...

Call me a geek. No, seriously, call me a geek. I found this was a great flash. Truly encapturing a Final Fantasy-esque nature. Keep up the good flash, my friend.

how do you do it?

I just love your work. Im takin a class in school next year thats called grapic design. I hope its stuff to make movies, said it deals with macromedia flash. well anyways I really like your work and hope (when Im ready) I could join some random person (not necessarily you) to make some nice flash.

Fighter's HP

I tried to count Fighter's HP and lost count near the "Everybody blows up" scene. At that time, I had counted his HP at 28029 HP! Overall, VERY funny... =)


Still liked the first 1 most get the original actors BACK IN HEERE!