Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


That was pretty damn funny with all of the blood n stuffs.... keep up the good work.... and for all of you assholes who watch Final Fantasy stuff and harass it saying you hate Final Fantasy, you have no fucking lives! I'm SUGAR HIGH!

8-Bit Madness?

8b Theater meets Madness... that's what it seems like to me. I wonder if someone noticed that before O.O

This combination seems to work well.


First of all, would you mind explaing to me what you DIDN'T steal form 8-bit theatre in this one? I would really like to know...

Not as good as the origional, nowhere near, also, do thhey have liek..two millon HP? the guy lost 200 just from triping. What level ARE they?!


WTF was that why was that so stupid i liked it when it was sprits that was really retarded

took a few steps down

while i liked the inclusion of the black mages soundtrack you should have stuck with sprites