Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"

what the f``k?

I cant beleave they made this a "favorite series" when they didnt put 8-bit theater... this sucks... i wont even waste my energy to review the other movies, so now you know what kind of movies you shouldnt make... (ps. you stole some of the jokes from movies on newgrounds... and put them... on newgrounds?)

I liked the first one better

The graphics were... not to my likings, but better than some people's attempt at animation.


how many times DOES fightter die?

Keep with the sprites, please

Sprites are much better than this, but anyway... Copying 8-Bit Teather much? Well I like it anyway, fighter loses tons of health and even get the time to say "I like swords" lol, haha, nice line there I even. Anyways, I think you should put in some Sword-Chucks or anything(any 8-Bit reader should know what I'm saying, if you don't, pity you...), but dunno if the guy from 8-Bit would let ya do so. Good job gonna watch the rest now, cya in my next review

this is what flash movies should be like

this was bloody funny i still watch it over and over. If only fighter had that much hp in the game.
A message to some people: if you don't like FF then why do you watch the flash movies?

PS: In my other reviews i say bloddy instead of bloody because i'm a fast typer and i don't realise i've typed bloddy instead of bloody until i've submitted it.