Reviews for "Black Mages 2: SE"


You love floating damage numbers dontcha? (How many live does those guys have anyway?)

i wanna kill something.

This was a fantastic flash and to Flare_Angel the sprites were good but for the violence in this the madness styly animation was needed for all the random killing and pain for fighter.

Great flash!!

That was awesome keep it up and is fighter like invincible or something coz a dam giant safe landed on top of him twice and he was still alive!!


i really think you should have stuck to sprites..... it was much better......

i thought it was funny

man this submission was really funny(if not funnier than the first) i like the style of the first one better but this one was made up for in the hmor department......i thought it was awsome how much HP they had and that every little thing cause loss of HP.