Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

Groove it baby, groove it!

I don't usually like dancing movies, but this one was actually quite funny and cool.

I loved Tails as DJ and Sonic breakdancing is hilarious. The music was pretty good too.

Lets see a sequel! A sequel in which Sonic and Mario battle it out - on the dancefloor!

Go Go Go Sonic

damn that was sweet and that is a good idea,Dance Off! Dance Off!

Awesome moves!

Now I've seen it all. After veiwing VGDC's Mack Daddy Mario series, I couldn't wait for something like this to come up! Props to VGM, VGDC, and Newgrounds! Ya'll supply the best Flash movies I've seen! Nice job with DJ Tails, as well. Very cool! Even though it said that Sonic vs. Mario: The Dance isn't coming, if you hear me out there, VGM, I'd like to see that idea developed! Keep up the good work!

MSola responds:

Many other users said the same thing about making a Mario VS Sonic : The Dance and I gave it a thought and said "I guess it's a good idea! Why not?" so in the near future your wishes is my command. -_^

I loved Mack Daddy Mario,

But this is just as awesome! I wish more people could watch this!!

nice custom sprites

nice job with some of those, sprites, i always appreciate someone who takes the time to custom make poses and what not. nice job.