Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

Even in flash sonic will be in marios shadow

Which is sad to say as I love sonic :(
(If this movie wasn't proff enouth type resident evil sonic into the search bar)
But i still like this movie ;)


Mario "got served". :P

Too funny, gave me a good laugh, keep up the good work.

MSola responds:

Thx, I'd tried my very best to make it funny. After all, it is a parody.

Groove it baby, groove it!

I don't usually like dancing movies, but this one was actually quite funny and cool.

I loved Tails as DJ and Sonic breakdancing is hilarious. The music was pretty good too.

Lets see a sequel! A sequel in which Sonic and Mario battle it out - on the dancefloor!


thats funny! O.< i just cant believe sonic mooned me... IM BLIND!!!!
theres was something i always wanted 2 know. How do u make a flash? (Please respond!!!) cuz me and my friends had some KICK ASS ideas 4 a shadow flash(shadow the hedgehog)^-^ if u dont tell me...somebody please ANYBODY!!!!!! just look into my profile and e-mail me!!! I MUST KNOW!!!!! nice flash anyway, it was worth it!

Go Go Go Sonic

damn that was sweet and that is a good idea,Dance Off! Dance Off!