Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

alright but a rip-off

it was ok, and now i will fuck off like u suggest, but if u did indeed animate it urself, well done. then again, rip off or not, i hate that fat bastard

Everyone loves Sonic.

That was alright man. It was actually pretty funny. Good animation, amazing sound and I just generally liked it. I love the way that you managed to use the original pixelated avatars of sonic and mario, nice one.


....I gave you protection points, but only just. I could see you put effort into it. You got minus points for using sprites, because thats counted as a short cut.

MSola responds:

Yeah, I did put alot of effort to do that. Some say that using sprites isn't really art unless you master it very well (Like Randy). Thanks for being honest about this.


No more butt

a solid vid

good use of sprites but mackdaddy and sonic don't go together mabey next time try different music