Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

alright but a rip-off

it was ok, and now i will fuck off like u suggest, but if u did indeed animate it urself, well done. then again, rip off or not, i hate that fat bastard

More Ass shakin!

I reviewed the first one,I gotta tell ya...it's some funny shit.I hope the dance off is awsome!


i've seen similar mack daddy sonic on here. was it yours, or did someone else make a different one?
either way, this is definitely not a rip-off of mack daddy mario. its the same idea yes but definitely not a rip-off

MSola responds:

It has to be someone else who made a similar Mack Daddy Sonic. Like I said, I created this for the Mack Daddy Sonic contest for the Sonic clan at the VGDC forums. So basicaly someone else made the other Mack Daddy Sonic for that contest too. Catch my drift? Anyway, thanks for the review.

not too bad

a nice idea. you dont see too many dancing sprite movies around here very often...
graphics were ok... i think that the sprites were a bit too big on the screen, and as a result they were all pixelated. so i'd suggest zooming out a little bit more on them, so they look better.
animation was good. i liked all of the dance moves and stuff like that, also Tails looked good, too.
sound was great - there were heaps of sound effects even before the movie started, and they were all very origional sounding. also, the music in the movie was very good... it was very clear, and considering the filesize of the movie, i'm impressed!
so overall, it looks pretty good. keep up the nice work.
overall score: 6/10

((( FUNNY )))

Haha that was cool, the sprites were not bad either, very pixleated, but funny, the audio sound/fx was a nice touch for the dancing and Sonic did do good hehe, anyways nice work...