Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

Where is it?

When are you going to do Mario vs Sonic: The Dance? It will be alot funny to see both of them dancing on stage. I know all fans of Mario and Sonic are asking for it. Because they want to see them in action. Me too and I'm sure that Mario will win. I'm a big fan of Mario! ;-)

Hilarious Remix

Reminds me of Mack Daddy Luigi. =3
Nice job

MSola responds:

Thanks, I'm glad it reminds you of Mack Daddy Lugi.

nice custom sprites

nice job with some of those, sprites, i always appreciate someone who takes the time to custom make poses and what not. nice job.

a solid vid

good use of sprites but mackdaddy and sonic don't go together mabey next time try different music


Lol great flash but i did not aprechiate sonics ass.