Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"


i've seen similar mack daddy sonic on here. was it yours, or did someone else make a different one?
either way, this is definitely not a rip-off of mack daddy mario. its the same idea yes but definitely not a rip-off

MSola responds:

It has to be someone else who made a similar Mack Daddy Sonic. Like I said, I created this for the Mack Daddy Sonic contest for the Sonic clan at the VGDC forums. So basicaly someone else made the other Mack Daddy Sonic for that contest too. Catch my drift? Anyway, thanks for the review.


That's so awsome. I loved how when sonic and mario spoke, you heard their respective jumping noises. What I like even more however, is the number of hits our site has gotten. :P

Can't wait to see part 2!


That was really good for your first submission i mean cmon any1 can agree that was awsome and it was good seeing something no one has done before can't wait till part2

In a class of its own

You, my friend r very good at this can't wait for the next part

review not coming soon

for a first effort, you should definatly pat yourself on the back for this

i don't find a ripoff, its a work of art

good luck in the future