Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

Even in flash sonic will be in marios shadow

Which is sad to say as I love sonic :(
(If this movie wasn't proff enouth type resident evil sonic into the search bar)
But i still like this movie ;)

It's a copy,but a good copy.

Yeah,you need to have Sonic do more than just copy Mario's moves. Remember,Mario has a good variety of basic moves,but Sonic's all about speed. So you need a faster paced song and moves for the Big S.

Put in a background and some other characters too.

U could do Better!

Listen It is a Mac Daddy Mario Rip Off Because Sonic does the exact same moves as Mario did in Mac Daddy Mario, but don't git pissed off at this review. Listen if u hate Mario and if that is the deal than make a kill Mario game for yours and other peoples enjoyment. Or u could do a movie where Sonic and Mario are in a dance off, better yet a Break Dance Off like u got served. But If u Hate Mario and I do, but if u hate Mario Then take my advice and do a Break Dance Off and Mario screws up on a lets say head spin and Breaks his neck, and Sonic gets Marios Girl Peach, hell I know I would watch it and I bet it could make front page. So put this Behind u and try that, K.

not too bad

a nice idea. you dont see too many dancing sprite movies around here very often...
graphics were ok... i think that the sprites were a bit too big on the screen, and as a result they were all pixelated. so i'd suggest zooming out a little bit more on them, so they look better.
animation was good. i liked all of the dance moves and stuff like that, also Tails looked good, too.
sound was great - there were heaps of sound effects even before the movie started, and they were all very origional sounding. also, the music in the movie was very good... it was very clear, and considering the filesize of the movie, i'm impressed!
so overall, it looks pretty good. keep up the nice work.
overall score: 6/10

Break It Down Tails!

That was really good! The music was nice and clear, the song itself easy fit to Sonic's personally, and the sprite work was great! Keep up the good work and you could easly rival Mac Daddy Mario!

Extra cookie points:
- DJ Tails!