Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"


Mario really HAS been hogging the dam spotlight too much!


thats funny! O.< i just cant believe sonic mooned me... IM BLIND!!!!
theres was something i always wanted 2 know. How do u make a flash? (Please respond!!!) cuz me and my friends had some KICK ASS ideas 4 a shadow flash(shadow the hedgehog)^-^ if u dont tell me...somebody please ANYBODY!!!!!! just look into my profile and e-mail me!!! I MUST KNOW!!!!! nice flash anyway, it was worth it!


I loved the DJ Tails, that was cute lol and the way Sonic dances, he was pretty good (and hot). He can beat Mario easily since he's such a short-ass!

Totally Sweet

Hahahahahahahaha. FUUNNYY stuff.


i liked that with that j wess im giving this a 10