Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"

Heh Heh awsome

Yea thats a great movie right there and judging by the other reveiws the sequal is gonna be smokin!
Youve got a gd thing here hope you dont mind if i "borrow" some of those moves ^^


Oh My God that was justdownright awsom make the sonic VS Mario Dance Off or else!

funny at some parts

i thought it was funny when you used the Micheal Jackson game sound clip for sonic.... funny

MSola responds:

Speaking of MJ, I did that as a tribute to his work at SEGA for making his very own game based on his movie "Moonwalker" and some tunes for Sonic 3.

That explains as to why Sonic does the Moonwalk and that "Woooo!: noise. X3


That's funny! You are very good with sprites! Tails' DJ thing was genius, and the music was funny. Good job!


lol luved tha "that fat plumber lmfao hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha luvd tha part