Reviews for "Mack Daddy Sonic (VGM)"


Mario "got served". :P

Too funny, gave me a good laugh, keep up the good work.

MSola responds:

Thx, I'd tried my very best to make it funny. After all, it is a parody.

Nice one.......

That was better then Mack daddy mario by a long shot keep going with the toons mate.



....I gave you protection points, but only just. I could see you put effort into it. You got minus points for using sprites, because thats counted as a short cut.

MSola responds:

Yeah, I did put alot of effort to do that. Some say that using sprites isn't really art unless you master it very well (Like Randy). Thanks for being honest about this.

Great job

This is one of the better Mac-daddy flashs I've seen on Newgrounds. It was very well done and I'd like to see you make that sequel!

MSola responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that you enjoyed this one. As for the sequel... I'll have a think about that. ;-)


A good mackdaddy,
the way sonic dance is funny ^^,
the music is good too,

MSola responds:

Yeah, well everyone (some) is getting fed up with the "I like bug butts" song being overused so I decided to give it something different but still staying in this RnB theme. And yeah, Mario gets what he deserves. >:-D