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Reviews for "Prowlies at the River"

i love your work

If I believed in worshiping shrines...then I would make one of you. I love your work so much...and just everything about it is as close to perfection as one person could get. I would love to see this nightly...on something like Adult Swim...if anyone knows what Im talking about. I look forward to more.


great flash

great flash!

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He drank.... wait... eww!

Your animation techique is simply brilliant. Really. I think this puts most big animation companies like Disney and Pixar to shame. I can really see you working succesfully in animation. Keep at it! By the way, I loved the music as Bitey was swingin through the trees. All your little creatures like the fat yellow thingy that spits what
looks like mucus, the Prowlies, and of course Bitey himself are amazing. You must have some imagination- and Brackenwood- the environment you place your wonderful characters in astounds me. I can't wait for the new movie, I watched YuYu, and although I thought it to be a little short I loved it. Submissions like this really inspire me to get to work in Studio MX and make my own animations. Keep this up!

You still do it.

This was one of the later ones I saw of your work and I'm guessing that it's an older one, but you still amaze me. Keep up the good, no GREAT work.


The first time i saw this,i was in awe. How could someone do that in flash? I love the backgrounds.