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Reviews for "Prowlies at the River"


Pretty awesome man, the animation was really cool. You should really be working for some animation company like Pixar or Dreamworks. The flash was really well thought out, and the music was good. Make MORE!!! This was really good, but you could probably make some even cooler stuff.

What can I say? It was phenomenal.

What can I say? It was phenomenal. The graphics are probably the best I've ever seen and the music was elegantly suited for each scene (I can't believe that you composed the music and everything!). It boggles my mind how well you can draw and animate water! Have you considered pursuing a career in animation or graphic arts?

Keep these masterpieces coming!

-Danish Sabreur

I see why this is #1...........

But like the famous "there she is!" It really doesnt appeal to me,as it might to most others.None the less,I still think its pretty cool


this is your best work so far i want to see something to top this one

Very very good.

This was a very well animated piece. To the guy a while back (I think his name was maggot something) who said something about the 3D stuff being what gets your attention and that the fallen angle teaser is better: If you bothered to watch the credits of fallen angle, you'll see there are many mentions of 3D things, like Swift 3D and 3D models.