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Reviews for "Prowlies at the River"


I love your work. Many of the NG users don't understand that not every flash has to have a point. It seems to me that you are going for an everyday kind of approach, from the point of view from Bitey. I really enjoy watching flash movies of that genre. Continue to make more, I'd love to see Bitey in many flash movies. He is just so mischevious and yet innocent in a way. Keep it up.

P.S. I love Bitey's stance after he escaped the Prowlie attack.


This and some of your other works have instatly become my favourites.

Keep up the good work!

tear drop

its so frickin beautiful, keep up the good work

i like ur other works too

unclear.. but liked the story

i liked the plot of the movie, yet found it scattered, sometimes unclear, graphics and sound don't convey complete meaning.

slightly disturbing - but good

maybe its because im a just a young nerd, but the having cavemen draw genitals on the wall sort of disturbed me. of course, if you like that stuff or don't mind it, it's a pretty good movie that would be nice to watch.