Reviews for "Drug of Choice"

i like!

this piece is great, and the fact that you did it all in 0.5mm lead is cool, because that is all i ever use, besides the digital tablet i have now. great work man.

lovely but

This is gorgeous, and I really wish that that watermark wasn't there so that I could experience it properly.

Do you ever work with toned backgrounds? Most of your works I've seen so far feature tons of whitespace, which I sometimes feel is more of a default stemming from an initially white paper or canvas than a conscious design decision.

ShawnCoss responds:

I usually don't add bg's because I only focus on the subject at hand. But I am trying to get better at that and adding more atmosphere to the image


0.5 lead, thats the way to go man

nice touch!

Great work!!

i love this picture! :O so stunning and the detail is fantastic x