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Reviews for "Eye Robot"


I personally liked this movie alot, i dont know if anybody else did or not but i know i sure did.


graphics are ok sound awsome

Kicked ass

if youve ever been to taco bell u know how good a chalupa is, thats how good this movie is. if u dont know how good a chalupa is their fucking awesome and i want one right now. im not sure why the robots are fighting grim reapers but what the hell its awesomely awesome..........besides the fact that it kicks ass it sucks balls though.

It was great

the robots themselves were kind of lacking detail, i thought they were kinda boring, and whats with those people in the hoods with sickles? it was still really good. If you watch my flashes, you would say something like... "WHO ARE YOU TO TALK ABOUT STUFF LIKE DETAIL?!!" im just givin advice, not saying i can do it. Good job, nice music.

MMMM Earth Implosions

That was a good movie.
The style of the overall movie was great and all the music fit in with the action on screen. Your character designs (of the 2 characters) - especiallly of the reaper people - were pretty cool.

The preloader was a cool way to start of the film with its rock'm sock'm atitude (this gives you the 9 for interactivity).

Cool Beans