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Reviews for "Eye Robot"

Im Sorry but Will Smith > This piece of crap

Well your version of "I,Robot" has absolutely NOTHING to do with the movie, never mind the book. So why did you even title this movie "I, Robot."

The plot had nothing to do with the real storyline. Oh wait, maybe you thought that scene from the movie was cool when all the robots started rampaging outside...so you decided to throw that in your movie. But instead of the robots beating on humans, you decided to have them beat on beings that looked like the Grim Reaper.

Your story, if I should even call it a story, does not make sense at all, it was so poorly concieved it MUST have came from a 12 year old boy. And your ending just backs up my whole point. (I'll save you the trouble from watching the movie, the author decided to blow up the planet cause it looked cool.)

Your animations were basic and you filled everything in with gradients. Before you sumbit crap, make sure it looks decent enough.

The sound was very very compressed. I don't care if you say you were trying to reduce file size. At least make the sound decent enough so it doesnt sound like Im standing behind wall.

Im sorry, but this is a failed attempt at a animation based off a movie based off a book that doesn't hold ANY merit to the movie or book at all. You should have named this short "Robots vs Grim Reapers that blow up the world."


ya its not good

kill me now

the coke commercial with the black lady handing out free cokes and singing that damn song is better than this. all the robots looked like they were skating.

uhhg... why?

no even with relatively good audio that was shameful. no offense... wait... yes, lots of offense. go to hell. you ruined the robots you fuck and subsequently you ruined "down with the sickness". just die

Matt-Porter responds:

this is to you the bastard who hated my robot movie. it wasnt great but it was better then any piece of shit that you could make. it was my first movie ever submited. seriously i dont mind the harsh review I thought your review was somewhat humerous hope U die.


You should list the audio in the box where it lists Authors Origin Size and Score.