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Reviews for "Eye Robot"

was that Death killing them

and whats with the eye?.looks like Mordor set in the future.

i tough that the I robot movie was good...

this is just a bad verion of the movie i robot.i dont think i saw 1 robot in this flash or they look like swat people.3/5

Not too shabby

I have to say I really didn't mind this flash and I really didn't mind this flash if you know what I mean. Nice work was done here nothing too spectacular and well I love the concept but I feel it could possible have been portrayed better I'm not saying it's bad I'm saying these guys need some good voice actors and maybe a few more people to help them round off their great Idea. I give it a 4 out of 10 but relax I don't typically rate too high number wise because it's all cumulative.

Kicked ass

if youve ever been to taco bell u know how good a chalupa is, thats how good this movie is. if u dont know how good a chalupa is their fucking awesome and i want one right now. im not sure why the robots are fighting grim reapers but what the hell its awesomely awesome..........besides the fact that it kicks ass it sucks balls though.


this is a good flash if thi is your first

i clap my hands for you
good job bro