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Reviews for "Eye Robot"

Good work!

Good work man, it was ok... the only thing is, i agree that the credits shouldn't be where you complain about the credits >.<
Also, you have to give more detail on your characters, Are the grim reapers robots? Also, why would NASA build a laser to destroy the world???? Im thinking its because the Death figures won... You have to give more detail, It could be improved.


Are the stupid gray storm trooper guys the machines? If so, why are they fighting death? If the grim reaper things are machines, then how come the humans destroyed the earth? You need to make distinction between your characters. The animation was ok, but that was the only thing in the movie that worked out a little... I saw a bunch of text that went off screen all over the place, I saw things randomly appearing. Why would NASA make a 'worldwide laser system', and call it that when it only has 1 beam?

Work on plot. It will be much nicer.

MMMM Earth Implosions

That was a good movie.
The style of the overall movie was great and all the music fit in with the action on screen. Your character designs (of the 2 characters) - especiallly of the reaper people - were pretty cool.

The preloader was a cool way to start of the film with its rock'm sock'm atitude (this gives you the 9 for interactivity).

Cool Beans

It was great

the robots themselves were kind of lacking detail, i thought they were kinda boring, and whats with those people in the hoods with sickles? it was still really good. If you watch my flashes, you would say something like... "WHO ARE YOU TO TALK ABOUT STUFF LIKE DETAIL?!!" im just givin advice, not saying i can do it. Good job, nice music.

not bad...

i liked it quiet a bit though make anther one about the intro was to long though but other than that it was decent work