Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.4"


i thought the unknown was bass lol. and i have no idea what overall and interactivity is so i gave it a 10

Great work

I love how you made the "Little" connection between megaman and X. This is a great series and i've watched every one, and i can't wait till number 8 comes out. Now the only thing that's wrong is that capcom won't say the exact way that the megaman and x series are related. But hell, you've litearly pointed in the rigth direction.

so amazing

nice job with the worn out megaman!

Pretty good

I especially liked how you included bass and roll from the original megaman series. (gotta love those crossovers)


I thought this part was lame and stupid.
"You missed."
"No, actually I didn't."
"Oh crap."

Other than that, good effort.