Reviews for "Megaman X OLB ep.4"


its a shame you didnt put vile MK 3 in it

It gets better and better

Wow its soooo good man it just keeps getting better and beter
if i could vote 100 i would :D

he's really off his rocker..

you have no idea!!

lol i love it. sweet custom damaged X sprites.

ok going to ep 5 :D

Kaosboy85 responds:

HAHA Yeah that's my favorite line:-D Glad you liked the sprites and ep5.


I love watching X beat the $#!T outta people.

It's a good thing atleast you know that MegaMan is X.

Its good!

May i say that X and megaman isnt the same person and that roll lived 2000 years before X was actevated so theres no idea that X know whos roll is.
i like the wole story (exsept that he thinks that she is roll xD ) and i think u should hurry whit the new part!!
Keep it up