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Reviews for "TOME Promotional Poster"


But how come Alpha doesn't have a lizards tail anymore? In my opinion it looked better... but thats probably because he had larger wings before. Either way im enjoying the remake so far.



Awesome, but

Did Alfa drop his contact er something?

Not much to say, other than this is a great series. I remember that this was made after the first episode of the new series. I just appreciate how you recreated everything so well. There were in fact drawings from the original series. This is just updated in every way. I think my favorite here would be Flamegirl.

Of course, she's got nothing on Dustbunny. I mean, she's literally smoking hot! I'd love to see a story arc or at least a joke where she seduces me (Archer). It's great how dignified everything is. This is what you should be known for.